Manually Deploying Site Backup

Restoring Web Site From Backup:

Restoring a web site from backup can be done in two possible ways. The first method you can utilize to restore a site backup is to utilize a special tool designed to pull a backup and restore it for you. Utilizing this method will require that you know your user name and password for your web site. The second method allows you to create a backup of your web site if you already have knowledge of utilizing Linux/Unix system SSH. Please select the options below in order to continue:


  • Utilizing Windows Tool
  • Utilizing SSH in Linux
  • Utilizing SSH in Windows
  • Utilizing Windows Tool in Linux

ATTENTION!: For simplicity the dates and times of backups that are on file at our facility are provided herein. Please note that these are approximations. This tutorial will show you how to deploy an archived backup from our server(s) directly to your VPS or, shared host.

Utilizing Windows Tool:

For customers who have purchased the extended support packages and have access to the information provided herein, you may write to support in order to obtain a copy of the software that will pull the backups for you. The instructions below will highlight how to utilize the application to create the backup. The video tutorial will demonstrate the same steps however, visually.



Utilizing SSH in Linux:


Utilizing SSH in Windows:


Utilizing Windows Tool in Linux: